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The shell does not worry about the far future … Idly, not sobbing, not scurrying, resigned to the march of nature, without anguish, quietly drifting.   – Takahashi Shinkichi

Beautiful you rise upon the horizon of heaven, living sun, you have existed since the beginning of things…. the whole world is filled with your loveliness.-Pharaoh Akhenaton

God so loves the world that He surrounds us with an over abundance of nature.  We have the opportunities to look around and enjoy the beauty of nature and delight in what  it has offer – the sun scattering over the earth its gold and silvery rays, the butterflies of a hundred hues fluttering everywhere, the unrestrained concert of rustling leaves, the smell of wet, wild earth bringing new life, the sweet song of birds floating in the air, and the riotous blooming wild flowers.

We have to appreciate nature and commune the Divine Creator.  Our life will be worth living if we can explore the gifts of God and to have a lifetime relationship with nature, we have to save,protect and support it.

We have to be a productive learner, so, lift ourselves to God.  Be always a steward of Nature.

Nature is but a name for an effect whose cause is God. – Cowper


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